Good to the last drop


At this very moment, on a refrigerator shelf below the carton of organic strawberries, I have 30 cans of Perrier lime mineral water.

It seems I have become the word my parents threw around with such disdain.

A yuppie. Who drinks canned mineral water from France.

Mon Dieu.

It happened innocently enough. Buy a pair of Sperrys. Maybe some vegan, cruelty-free shampoo. Delight in restaurants billed as “farm to table.” Find yourself ordering “vintage” items from Etsy. Vow to never buy another computer or phone without that alluringĀ apple logo.

Coffee is my last line of defense. I’ve yet to attempt a pour-over. I don’t roast my own beans or own an espresso machine priced like a used car.

In my kitchen, the simple drip coffeemaker, an elixir for my guilty soul. A box of FSC certified compostable, unbleached, totally chlorine-free (TFC) filters sits nearby.